I am writing in support of Leila Rogovina, a trusted employee of the University of Calgary Competitive Artistic Gymnastics Program since 2001. Over the past 15 years, Leila has worked with both our boys and girls competitive athletes improving their ballet, artistic presentation, flexibility, and rhythm. She is motivating to her students and delivers what she promises; she is a dependable and innovative instructor who has continued to broaden her skills through independent professional development. She has successfully worked with all ages and levels within the University of Calgary competitive program, including, and contributing to the success of Canada’s 2008 Men’s Olympic Team.

( Anthony M Smith ,National Team Director, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics,University of Calgary Gymnastics Centre )

Leila is a very skilled coach and amazingly intuitive teacher that seems to always find that special approach to an individual child. In her classes Leila employes various methods (imagery guided?) that are suitable for young children. Through use of music and elements of storytelling the classes are never boring or too long for a child. Despite my 4 year old son's problems with paying attention, Leila manages to keep him engaged and looking forward to each class. We would sincerely recommend Leila's classes to any child.

( Larysa & Steve Mah )

Leila is a very professional and determined gymnastic instructor. My daughter has been in her class for two years and she really enjoys it. Some skills she learnt in the gymnastic class has benefited her dancing (Jazz).

( ‪Natasha Wen )

Leila is a fantastic gymnast and coach and very creative and gifted with young children.

( Nina Wallace-Ockenden )

Leila is one of the most dedicated, capable, and creative coaches I know.

( Jaimen McMillan )

Hi All, It is difficult to write a comment about something that you really do not see, so I asked my 5 years old daughter how does she like Leila classes. The respond was really emotional, we do this and that, play, exercise, dance, etc. She is continuously asking which day we are going to Leila classes; even if she sick she doesn't want to skip it (I wish it would be the same for the school). To summarize, our family is very positive about the classes, so we recommend them to everybody. Thanks,

( Natalya )

My daughter attending Rhythmic gymnastics classes for pre-schoolers at RDS Gymnastics. Although it looks like play, children develop skills beyond the basic - stretching, flexibility, balance. They develop beautiful posture and better coordination. Her coach Leila Rogovina makes every class different. Kids use various items - balls, ribbons, skipping ropes, hoops and scarves. Children share good spirit and joy of movement.

( Marianna S. )

Занятия просто супер! Лейла приносит огромные сумки со всякими гимнастическими атрибутами. Все проходит в игровой форме! Лейла замечательный педагог, находит подход к любому ребёнку! Я лично присутствую на занятиях, и вижу реальный прогресс у деток которые постоянно ходят на занятия.

( Valentina Melnikova )

Занятия у Лейла замечательные. Дочка ходит с огромным удовольствием. Когда нужно идти на гимнастику, мы даже мультики выключаем без проблем. Думаю, это о многом говорит. Спасибо, Лейла.

( Nataliia Atta‪ ‬ )

Leila is AMAZING! She cares and great with kids, she structures class well and builds on the children’s skills through specific exercises. After 2 years of classes my daughter's body is stronger and she's learned lots of new skills like bridge, splits, cartwheels, choreography, handstands and many more.... Leila uses age appropriate instruction and knows how to keep children engaged the entire 120 minutes of the class. I would absolutely recommend Leila's studio to the friends.

( Olga K. )

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