Gymnastic in Calgary

Gymnastics in Calgary 

  Gymnastics in Calgary About kids programsd10

RDS gymnastics programs combine elements of ballet, stretching, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics and circus. Children will learn to feel rhythm in music and freedom in artistic movement through dance and games. They will learn fundamental skills (balances, pivots and leaps), develop and strengthen physical abilities, increase flexibility and discover creative talents.

Starting with simple movement and advancing to strenuous activity, children will use rhythmic apparatus; ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, scarves to music.

To develop balance and improve coordination, we use balancing boards, balance cushions, rola-bola, spinning plates, juggling  balls  and juggling scarves. Classes are designed to promote good posture and grace of movement.

Gymnastics in Calgary About Adults programsd10

New movement class for Adult, based on Stretching, Balance, Spacial Dynamics® and Bothmer gymnastics exercises.

Help yourself with your posture. Improve the quality of your movement for every day life.

Every class you will learn some new skills and repeat what you already know.

For Stretching we will do some exercises from yoga and gymnastics with soft music;

For Balance we will use circus apparatus – rola-bolla, balance board, balance cushions, juggling balls, spinning plates, juggling scarves, staves.

We will do Spacial Dynamics® and Bothmer gymnastics exercises, movement disciplines that teach you to spread your weight to find new balance, and find new ground that includes space and grace.

RDS Gymnastics

Gymnastics in Calgary 

  Gymnastics in Calgary My role as a coach is to create a joyful spaced10

  • Introducing children to ideals and archetypes which inspire them;
  • Employing techniques that develop successful and successive skills;
  • Rhythms are inherent in each child; Choosing images and music that invite children to re-member them in his or her own way;
  • Leading them from experiments to experiences to abilities, which flow naturally from activity to activity;
  • Offering calm and supportive feedback, with the accent on the suggested movements that the children can move into.



Since I was a child I have loved dance, movement, and being with other children. My father signed me up for a gymnastics program when I was 6. At 10 my mother had a new baby brother for me. From that age on,I continued to learn gymnastics and got also to teach and play gymnastics with my brother.From gymnastics I learned about struggle and limitation, and also the discipline and grace that I could use to meet the challenges.From gymnastics, I received the gift of love of Movement.The time spend with my younger brother I received the gift of love for Children. My two loves came together in my life’s work, with the passion to further my education and training in the world of gymnastics. Gymnastic in Calgary


I have been a professional gymnast since 1975; in 1986 I earned certification with the title of Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics from the USSR. In 1993, I received a Bachelor's of Pedagogical Science from the National University of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Since coming to Canada I have continued my coaching training:

-NCCP Level 3 Rhythmic gymnastics
-NCCP level 2 Artistic gymnastics

-Certification in the discipline of Bothmer Gymnastics

-Certification in Standard First Aid and CPR; Respect in Sport; Making Ethical Decisions

Graduated with level 1 diploma from a 5 year movement program with Spacial Dynamics® located in New York.

d7 Work Experienced6

I have extensive work experience. Since 1984, I have taught movement classes and coached children in various educational and sport environments.My past experience in Canada includes 8 years as a coach in Chinook Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and 16 years as a coach at University of Calgary Artistic Gymnastics Club.

As well as running my own studio, I teach classes at the Vertigo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club which include: ballet and stretching pre-competitive and competitive groups and coaching for recreational groups in Trico Centre.


d3 Professional Statementd2

My program grows with me through my life. It is my passion to strive to move through limitation, with patient work and enthusiasm for the creation of joyful experience. The program builds on children need to challenge themselves while developing skills. The joy they experience in accomplishment builds confidence and improves self-esteem as well sharing in life-affirming group activity.As coach, my primary objective is to encourage the child’s participation by meeting needs in a positive learning environment. Once they learn to embrace the hard work that goes into achieving goals, an important life lesson is learned, through feeling, thinking and readiness to take the next step.The lessons of Circus art and Rhythmic gymnastics at my studio serve as the springboard through which children begin to enjoy athletic activity. The love of athletics will carry with them throughout their lives, wherever they may chose, to move, work or play.

d4My Philosophyd5

"Everyone is a genius.
But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid." Einstein I believe every child has inner potential that can only be measured when that child feels at ease with the environment they are in. It is impossible to measure a person's talent and full ability based on someone else.Everyone has different capabilities and if one judges and compares one child to another instead of each child to their previous process, the full potential might never show itself.Each child has her/his own speed to get a skill – one may need to observe first, one may need to try first and then fall. All children need guidance in their own way. If coaching rushes the process, learning takes longer.Rhythm and grace are the rewards of diligent effort that arise from a so-called failures. Careful observation and coaching with patience allow skills to develop unhurried in a child. The reward for patient effort in a fun and creative environment is mastery.